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Magic powder

As a child I regularly visited NEMO and I always had to stand in that huge bubble. I thought it would be fun to make this myself, but NEMO didn't want to reveal its secret. After trying many different recipes, I finally found the secret ingredient. Without this magical powder you cannot make my giant bubble soap. With my giant bubble recipe you can create the largest, most beautiful and longest (meters long!) bubbles and almost all of them are successful. Order my giant bubble soap powder here.

Giant bubble recipe

In addition to the magic powder, you also need other ingredients which you can find them in my super bubble recipe.

Giant bubble sticks and rope

What do you need? Two poles of approximately one meter, 1.5 m of 4 mm braided rope, 1 stainless steel ring, 1 tiewrap and a 5L bucket. Of course you can also order a ready-made set of homemade bamboo sticks, with rope and a bucket from me when you pick it up from me in Amsterdam. I then wrap the sticks nicely, just like the picture above.

If you have any questions please let me know. Or call me on +31615573823. You can also send an email to I will then contact you as soon as possible!

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